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Casa Maria in Annunziata Massa Lubrense

Casa Maria in Annunziata Massa Lubrense
da Cristina
il 15/09/2014 a 12:58:57
Casa Maria is a very nice dream. The house is placed on a sloap with the view to the valley and see and Capri. A wonderfull view from the house which is very well designed with huge windows, rooms and bathrooms. Description correspond with reality and we spend very nice 2 weeks holiday. Is an advantage to be out from the trafic and still very closed to the shops in Massa or Sant Agata. Sheets , towels , washing maschine , kitchen tools available in the house. Just in the front of restaurant La Tore which make easier for you to enjoy the really made Italian food and wine. The owners ( Fam. Braccini) are very nice people , very discret and not interfering too much. If you need help you get it from them. I would very much recommended to anybody who wants to visit Amalfi cost or Sorrento. Is very convinient and very nice and comfortable place to spend your holiday.